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About Baby Moose

100% Community Driven
$BabyMoose was built up as part of a community wide effort to create a fair token that will benefit the many, instead of the few.

This is a community-driven project. Its success so far is down to each and every valued member of the Baby Moose community!

BabyMoose is a new generation token that can automatically rise on its own, regardless of the downtrend market. It always ensures that the investor continues the uptrend. BabyMoose token holders are not only rewarded through static rewards but also through true automatic burns every trade from within the liquidity pool. If we get support, you can be sure that we can make this token even better.

Why we give

households are single parented homes – we all know one. In fact, more US homes are affected by this than Suicide, Alcohol Abuse and Poverty… combined.

It's is so widespread that it has become just another norm in our society. It is anything but normal!

63% of all suicides, 75% of chemically dependent kids and 85% of incarcerated minors are from single-parent families

This is the unseen crisis in our own back yard, We can change the trajectories of these silently hurting parents and provide a better future for their kids.


Our goals

The Single Parent Project is dedicated to providing support, stability and community for Single Parent families.

We are committed to bettering the lives of Single Parents and their Children, by creating a foundation of independence through advocacy, the offering of resources and mental health support.

Tokenomics with ANTI Whale and Dump Feature

  • Reward fee
  • Burn fee
  • Total supply
  • Donation
  • Dev team
  • Dev wallet/Creator wallet
  • Partially burning


The roadmap has been decided by the team and will be released as soon as possible!

Help us Grow

Community Marketing Fund

We are a fully decentralized, community-powered project.

Thanks to our amazing community, generous contributors, and thoughtful volunteers, we are able to further establish, develop and grow Baby moose globally.

Contributions of any size are welcome, very much appreciated, and will position us to leverage the resources necessary to fuel our growth!